No Family Affair Friday This Week

I apologize for the lack of a Family Affair Friday post this week. I thought I could get one done, but I’ve just been too swamped with my own family responsibilities. I promise that I will get back on track next week. Thank you for your interest in this series!

4 thoughts on “No Family Affair Friday This Week

  1. Life gets awfully hectic sometimes. We your fans understand. 🙂

  2. Luftmensch says:

    I am so darn excited that I just found this series of posts that I don’t care a bit that there’s no post here! I watched FA when I was three and desperately wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll. I only just rediscovered it a few months ago (on MeTV) now that I’m just over fifty and now I desperately want Uncle Bill.

    The series is fascinating because it is so stilted and forcedly innocent and at the same time the characters (particularly the little kids) are regularly subjected to such traumatic situations (death of another child, often getting hopelessly lost in potentially dangerous surroundings, blackmail plots, etc., etc.) Then, knowing even a little about the real life travails of two child actors who were required to continue to play ridiculously younger characters and seemed in later seasons to be polite automatons while the adult actors appeared to yawn through their roles, well it all strikes me as rather bizarre. And yet I love it and I’m utterly intrigued by the production.

    I hope you don’t mind what may have sounded like a slightly negative reaction to the show — honestly, I’m very much moved by the human emotions and the love the adopted family have for each other, it’s just that the whole enterprise seems very unusual. I’m definitely looking forward to reading your whole series on season 1 and will look forward to more as you go on!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks for your comment! Check back later because I WILL be posting a new installment tonight.

      LOL, I love your comment about desperately wanting Uncle Bill. I’m having the same experience during my current run-through of these episodes.

      I totally understand your feelings about the show. I certainly find a lot of snark-worthy silliness in each episode. Underneath all that, there’s a warm quality that I really enjoy. I think it boils down to Brian Keith’s performance and the way he relates to the kids. (Of course, my lust for him may be clouding my feelings.)

      Thanks again for commenting–I hope you will keep reading and chime in with your thoughts on episodes. (The one I’m posting about tonight is really silly–yoy!)

  3. Luftmensch says:

    Yes, I think we understand each other completely on the Uncle Bill question! It’s like The Parent Trap…to INFINITY! I wish I could see the series he did in Hawaii (esp. since I was growing up there at the time it was being filmed, but had no TV!)

    I really don’t mind the silly, it’s sweet and genuine and warm, as you say. But the harrowing plots in conjunction with that and the slightly kabuki nature of most of the acting *other* than Brian Keith’s makes the show unlike any other I’ve seen!

    Be assured that I will absolutely keep reading — your blog is a gift from heaven — I was resigned to having no one to share this with, ever!

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