Spin Again Sunday: Happy Days

Aaaaaayyyyyyyy. Ready for dating, drag racing, and drive-ins? Sure you are–you’re not some kind of a nerd are you?

Today’s Game: Happy Days (“Fonzie’s Real Cool Game”)

Copyright Date: 1976.

Game Box: The most striking features are neon-light-style lettering and cartoon caricatures of cast members. These caricatures are a cut above those on most games–they actually resemble their real life counterparts. Fonzie is front and center, of course, flanked by Richie and Potsie. The other Cunninghams are peeking around the jukebox. Ralph Malph is MIA.

Game Board: Colorful, if not grammatical–“Sumthin’ to do?” I do wonder why Fonzie is sitting on various houses in the corner spaces. The drag strip that cuts diagonally across the board is an original touch.

Bonus Feature: The game also includes a peg board with a rainbow-hued jukebox for tracking players’ cool points. Fonzie, Richie, and Potsie show up again here. Donny Most must have pissed off a Parker brother.

Recommended Ages: 7 to 13.

Game Play, As the Box Describes It:”See, it’s like spending time with the Fonz–you go on dates, challenge other players to drag races, or maybe just cruise down to Arnold’s. But beware, you can lose cool points as easily as you gain them. Hey, Nerd, don’t get caught hangin’ out at home. That would be uncool.”

My Thoughts: As innocent as this game is, I can’t imagine today’s parents going for it. I mean, drag racing is pretty dangerous. There are things called “score points” that you can only receive in combination with a date card–hmm. And talk about bullying–the game itself calls kids names!


2 thoughts on “Spin Again Sunday: Happy Days

  1. Darrin says:

    LOL. That “Hey, NERD!” graphic would make a dang cool T-Shirt!

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