Spin Again Sunday: New Adventures of Gilligan Game (1974)

gilligan box

Today’s Game: The New Adventures of Gilligan Game

Manufactured by: Milton Bradley

Copyright Date: 1974

Game Box: Eye-catching in lime green, with all the characters represented in cartoon form. I don’t know what made cartoon Ginger’s hair go white, but I imagine life with Gilligan includes many shocking experiences.

gilligan boardGame Board: Milton Bradley called this a “set-up and play” game. It doesn’t have a board, per se; a cardboard box insert serves that function. Some of the island’s topographical features fit into the insert, giving the game a 3-D look. This adds a bit of visual interest to what is a very basic game.

Recommended Ages: The box says 6 to 12, but I can’t imagine any over 8 enjoying this—or the cartoon, for that matter.

Object: Be first back to the hut.

Game Pieces: Standard plastic pawns.

gilligan board closeupGame Play: You just move your pawn around the “island,” according to your roll of the die. If you roll a six or land on a red space, you take a yellow card and follow its rhyming instructions—for example, “My-o My-o Me/You Can Go Ahead 3.”

Background: This game was not based upon the classic 1960s sitcom but upon the less-than-classic 1970s Filmation cartoon. This cartoon’s only real virtue was that it featured voices from five of the original sitcom cast members.

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