One-Year Blog Anniversary

“Memory’s a freakish bank/

Where embarrassing treasures/

Still draw interest

Marge Piercy

When I published my first post on this blog one year ago, I talked about the sudden thrill a remembered moment can provide.

I’d hoped to inspire nostalgic recollections from my readers, and I have been so pleased and honored by your responses. To all my commenters, especially those who write regularly, I offer my deepest thanks. Reflecting on how thoughtful and encouraging you have been this year makes me as misty-eyed as Uncle Bill in a violin-drenched scene with Buffy and Jody.

Over the past year, I’ve learned many things:

  • If you write a blog post that involves a father spanking his grown daughter, you are sure to get at least one hit a day on that post, from someone who probably ends up quite disappointed.
  • Blogging is a continual learning experience. For instance, it took me about 50 weeks to figure out what “pingbacks” are.
  • Blogging is hard work. My appreciation for my favorite bloggers (like those on my Treasured Links page) has soared as I realized the effort they make, week after week.

You know the expression, “His eyes are bigger than his stomach”? Well, when it comes to blogging, my ideas far outpace my available time. There’s a positive side to that, though—it means I still have a lot that I’m bursting to share with you in the months ahead.

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Thank you again for your support!