Family Affair Friday(ish): Season 1, Episode 6, “Room with a Viewpoint,” 10/17/1966

This is the latest installment (and, this week, the late installment) of my weekly series on the TV show Family Affair.

Season 1, Episode 6, “Room With A Viewpoint,” 10/17/1966

Written by: Austin and Irma Kalish. Directed by: William D. Russell.


The arrival of Cissy’s pink princess phone provokes a surly reaction from Buffy.

Every 1960s girl’s dream phone.

Her mood worsens when Uncle Bill’s current girlfriend, Nedra Walcott, redecorates the girls’ room.

This is the woman who designed this living room.

Refusing to do homework or sleep in her own room, Buffy won’t tell anyone what’s bothering her. Things come to a head when a workman arrives with a room divider, and Buffy locks herself in. Finally, she confesses that the changing room is not the problem; it’s the way “the room made Cissy change.” The episode ends with some sisterly bonding.

Random Thoughts

A-ha! Uncle Bill has used Miss Walcott’s decorating services before–so now we know who is responsible for the Festival of Fug that is the Davis apartment. (Seriously, there is so much to admire in mid-century décor—and so little of that made its way onto the Family Affair set.)

Nedra Walcott decorating tip: A bunch of old Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia sets can make any homeowner seem erudite.

Buffy’s return to deadpan “Yes, sir” and “No, sir” replies keeps the viewer guessing along with everyone else about what the problem is. Personally, I think she just had better taste than the other Davises.

This is the bedroom as Nedra designed it originally. And you’re giving her another chance?!

Nedra Walcott decorating thought process: Let’s keep the green walls and bring out their vomity properties with a gay print.

See the artwork Nedra adds to Buffy’s wall? The poor child is an orphan–hasn’t she suffered enough?!

Guest Cast

Miss Walcott: Kathleen Crowley. Ted Gaynor: John Hubbard. Telephone Man: Wayne Collier. Kathleen Crowley was Miss New Jersey 1949. She made a slew of TV appearances in the ’50s and ’60s on such shows as My Three Sons, Perry Mason, Bonanza , Batman and  Maverick. She would appear in Family Affair again in “A Family Group.” I’m happy to report that she’s still alive.

Remember ladies: Remove one white glove to hold your cigarette. It’s okay to leave your cape on.

Fun Facts

The Davises live on the 27th floor, in apartment 27A. Buffy’s favorite colors are pink and green.

The Davises share a happy moment, despite their hideous surroundings.

Continuity Notes

Another Velvet Vultures reference. Dinky, Jody’s turtle, is mentioned.

Random oddity: Buffy is learning multiplication in first grade. (And she only attends half-day sessions.) Also, she does her homework on a slate.

Notable Quotes

“All this kids’ stuff is new to me, Ted. I don’t know the difference between stomachache and heartache.”—Uncle Bill (He’s also mystified by teenage slang, including “outasight.”)

Today’s Bonus Feature

An article from TV Picture Life, May 1967. It’s best to take these fan magazine articles with a grain of salt. The photos are great, though.


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  1. LOL!! This is a terrific re-cap. This is going on Twitter.

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