Family Affair Friday: Episode 5, Season 1, “Marmalade”

This is part of my weekly series about the classic CBS sitcom Family Affair.

Season 1, Episode 5, “Marmalade,” 10/10/66

Written by: Henry Garson and Edmund Beloin. Directed by: William D. Russell.


Uncle Bill’s latest love interest, Ellen Latimer, is an advertising firm employee who thinks French would be perfect in a “small” ad for Dunholt Marmalade.

The lovely Miss Latimer

French reluctantly agrees and endures the photo shoot.

“Must I go through with this pitty-patting on my brow?”

When the resulting full-page ad attracts contempt from fellow gentleman’s gentleman Withers but adulation from the ladies, French begins to like and even court the attention.

French and his fan club

He readily agrees to a five-week national promotional tour–until he actually tastes the marmalade.

The taste

Random Thoughts

Sebastian Cabot is very funny as he runs the gamut from disdainful to enthusiastic and back in the world of advertising.

This script seems to have more funny lines than most.

The kids react to the ad:
Buffy: “He’s pretty.”
Jody: “Maybe he’s smiling ‘cause we weren’t there.”

Notable Quotes

“We are not a male model, sir.”—French

“Never let it be said that Bill Davis didn’t do his best to promote a pretty girl.”—Uncle Bill

“It might have been easier with Laurence Olivier”—Uncle Bill

Guest Cast

Ellen Latimer: Mary Murphy. Mr. Hayden: Woodrow Parfrey. Withers: Richard Peel. Miss Reynolds: Nora Marlowe. Miss Peters: Peggy Rea. Miss Howard: Pauline Drake. Woman: Kathryn Minner. Photographer: Lou Krugman. Mary Murphy’s other TV credits from the ’60s include Perry Mason, Outer Limits, Honey West and The Fugitive. She had a memorable movie appearance with Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

Random fashion note–I like hats.

Woodrow Parfrey appeared in many TV shows and movies. Of note are roles in Planet of the Apes and Back to the Planet of the Apes. He also played Ike Godsey in The Homecoming, the original Waltons special that preceded the series.

Woodrow Parfrey plays Miss Latimer’s boss. Hmm, his office sports the same green paint that pervades the Davis apartment and Bill’s office.

Nora Marlowe also had a Waltons connection—she played the recurring role of Mrs. Flossie Brimmer. And Peggy Rea played Rose on The Waltons. Her other TV credits included the role of Lulu Hogg on The Dukes of Hazzard and regular roles in Step by Step and Grace Under Fire. Both Murphy and Rea died last year.

Fun Facts

WXOY is having a Velvet Vultures festival. Mr. French reads Punch.

Continuity Notes

This is the first appearance of the snooty Withers.

A Withers-ing glance

Bonus Feature

Coloring book, Whitman, 1968


2 thoughts on “Family Affair Friday: Episode 5, Season 1, “Marmalade”

  1. Mr. French was always my favourite character on “Family Affair”.

    • Amy says:

      As a child I didn’t appreciate Sebastian Cabot enough–I was more interested in the kids. Watching the show as an adult, I definitely find Mr. French the most entertaining character.

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