Old-Time Radio Playlist: Happy New Year, Part 2

Happy New Year!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have found this blog since I started it in August, especially my little group of regular readers and commenters. It’s been fun sharing my eclectic set of interests with you, and I hope you find much to enjoy here in 2013, including:

  • Many more old-time radio playlists, focusing not only on holidays and seasons but on themes ranging from babies, dogs, and cats, to Shakespeare, courtroom drama, and the fourth estate. I will also assemble playlists featuring my favorite screen stars, including Joseph Cotten, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant, Margaret O’Brien, Bing Crosby, Myrna Loy, and others.
  • Many bizarre words of wisdom from vintage teenage advice books and teen magazines.
  • A new occasional feature called Comic Book Craziness, featuring oddities from my small collection of 1960s and 1970s romance and superhero comics.
  • Some entertaining vintage board games in my Spin Again Sunday series. Coming up in the next two weeks: A 1955 Dragnet game and a 1970s girls career game that was already so retrograde in its own time that it included a disclaimer.
  • Occasional looks at other vintage toys in my collection, including Barbie dolls and accessories, more Fisher Price Play Family toys, Viewmaster reels, Colorforms, Mattel’s Sunshine Family dolls, and others.
  • More posts about classic movies. This is an area I planned to explore more frequently than I have so far. I am hoping to blog about movies at least a couple times a month this year.
  • And, of course, many more installments of Family Affair Friday. We are about half way through season 1, and I am particularly excited about starting season 2—my very favorite.

Since becoming part of the blogosphere, one of my greatest pleasures has been discovering so many wonderful bloggers producing entertaining and insightful work. My new year’s resolution is to spend more time reading and commenting on your blogs.

And now, as a New Year’s treat, I present 10 old-time radio episodes.  Enjoy!

“The Strange Case of the Iron Box”

Sherlock Holmes
December 31, 1945

“New Year’s Resolution”

The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show
December 29, 1946

“New Year’s Day”

Henry Morgan
January 1, 1947

“New Year’s Nightmare”

The Mysterious Traveler
January 5, 1947

“Rain on New Year’s Eve”

Quiet, Please
December 29, 1947

“Hot New Year’s Party”

Casey, Crime Photographer
January 1, 1948

“Jack Tries to Get Tickets for the Rose Bowl”

Jack Benny Program
January 4, 1948

“Riley Invites Himself to His Boss’ New Year’s Eve Party”

Life of Riley
December 31, 1948

“The Big New Year’s”

March 8, 1951

“The Old Man”

December 31, 1961

I’ve Got a Date with a Couple of Chipmunks

I’m heading to Walt Disney World today to partake in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, and any chance I get for a photo opportunity with my favorite rodents.

I won’t be posting much in the next few days, though I do have a couple entries scheduled to pop up, including an abbreviated version of Family Affair Friday.

When I return on Tuesday, I hope to post some election-themed old-time radio shows.

Because I hate to post empty-handed, I leave you with this vintage Walt Disney World commercial

Some Blog Updates and a Posting Schedule

Later today, I will post my regular Monday blog entry, my 30th since starting Embarrassing Treasures on August 15. I would like to thank my little band of followers, here and on Twitter, for helping me survive my first month of blogging.

As a nostalgia and pop culture blog, Embarrassing Treasures covers a wide range of topics—possibly too wide. That’s what you get when you combine a lifetime’s worth of Generation X memories with a fondness for Greatest Generation entertainment. Everything falls under the heading “bygone amusements and guilty pleasures.”

To make it easier for readers to know what to expect, I’ve worked out a posting schedule:

Spin Again Sunday—Reviews of vintage board games from my collection.

Memories Monday—Personal reflections inspired by some pastime, artifact, or place from the past.

Classic Movies Tuesday—Thoughts about classic movies that have inspired, amused, or moved me.

Weird Words of Wisdom Wednesday—Humorous insights from my collection of vintage advice books for teens.

Old-Time Radio Thursday—Commentary and context on unusual, excellent, or odd old-time radio episodes.

Family Affair Friday—Episode reviews, information, images, and articles on the classic TV sitcom Family Affair, which holds a special place in my heart.

Surprise Saturday—Quick takes on pop culture; anything goes!

Of course, these topics overlap frequently. Vintage toys or classic TV shows or movies might inspire Monday’s reflections. Celebrities sometimes figure into advice manuals, either as authors or examples. Most of my vintage board games have television connections. Movie stars often pop up in surprising roles in old-time radio shows—heck, movie stars like Myrna Loy, Dana Andrews, and Joan Blondell even pop up in Family Affair.

“Treasure Map,” in the left-hand sidebar, provides the best guide to posts on particular topics.

I also wanted to let you know that Embarrassing Treasures is on Pinterest and Facebook. On Pinterest, I’ve started some pretty cool boards on classic movies and vintage toys—check them out! My Facebook page is brand new, so you can be among the first to like Embarrassing Treasures. Don’t forget that you can also follow this blog on Twitter and by e-mail.

Thanks again for reading this blog, and feel free to suggest ideas for future posts. What coverage areas do you like most? What would you like to see more or less of? I’d love to hear from you!